How does it work?

I apply a unique method in the Netherlands using client’s photo archive, or/and my own photographic archive during therapy.

Each counseling/therapy program starts with an intake discussion. During this initial consultation (approx 90 minutes) we will first discuss about your individual circumstances and your specific needs. In general clients focus on one major issue, but after the first visit they reconsider. For some clients the first intake consultation is enough to understand the real reason they are stuck in some situation.

For others it is necessary 2 or 3 sessions(45 minutes).

For those with complex issues the pathway usually consist of 5 to 15 sessions. The first phase is concluded with an evaluation. You will take home tools/exercises to practice forth your emotional balance.

As a result of our first contact I will create a plan tailored for your needs, depending on your objectives. I shall choose the integrated methods that work the best for you. I use various techniques: NLP, visualizations, relaxation, energizing exercises, and imagery using PhotoTherapy.

I work with adults between 20 and 70 years old, expats and Dutch clients, with various problems and with anyone who chooses to improve the quality of life, and want to prevent or treat stress and burnout.

During the first appointment you can also decide if I am the appropriate therapist for you. Only the feeling that you are protected in a mutual respectful atmosphere in front of a person that knows how to listen, creates a therapeutic relationship.

Therapy fees
The first appointment (90 minutes)- € 120.-
Single sessions (45 minutes) – € 85,-
5 Sessions package (45 minutes each) – € 400,-

Appointment required! Feel free to contact me!
If you need an urgent appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I will find a way to accommodate you and your needs.