Integrative therapy

Integrative therapy gives you a solid basis to accommodate you to different emotional moods and help you to find a positive balance state between mind and body.

What situations require therapy and counseling?

  • burnout, chronic fatigue
  • fear
  • difficult times, big changes in life
  • identity crisis in a certain phase of life
  • blockages in personal development
  • anxiety, anguish
  • traumatic experiences
  • negative impression about yourself and communication problems

The combination of the issues is unique to everybody, and it requires a personalized attention. The most important thing is when you realize that you need help. This alone takes a lot of courage and overcoming embarrassments. Signing up for counselling or therapy is not a sign of weakness, but intense maturity and fortitude.

Integrative therapy is a short – term and effective therapy that helps to:

  • acknowledge your behaviors
  • to change certain mental patterns
  • to find harmony
  • to communicate easier in relationships
  • to achieve your goals easily
  • empower you

The combination of the PhotoTherapy techniques and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the core of my unique effective method in healing a large range of issues and a wide range of people. Both disciplines use as operational base, the quality of our brain to recognize the language of sensory images, as a way of communication. Our brain uses pattern recognition. Every time you experience something you save this information in your “bio-computer”, so you know how to act in similar situations.