Custom Services

Rebuilding photographic memories through art work

There are cases in which not much is left of the personal archive of photographic records (calamity or loss). These photos of memorable moments remain ‘mental images’. Clients say that with the loss of their photographic archives have lost much of their lives. I encourage clients to express their feelings in the form of narrative story based on their ‘mental pictures’. After I make records of stories, we co-produce an artwork representing key scenes of the stories.

Remembering loved ones and family celebration through Photo-montages

Everyone in life is faced at some point with the loss of loved ones and pain. Each of us perceives pain differently, and the duration and intensity of mourning varies according to each one’s perception. ‘Healing imagery’ – art works, make the transition between the past and the present time.

Healing imagery are Photomontages that celebrate the client’s beautiful life moments with the missing one. These Photomontages are works of art that use communication methods that are specific to brain: metaphors and symbols. The basis for these compositions are personal photographs. Other media could also be used: pictures collected from all kind of media, magazines, and internet image bank, or anything that helps them tell the story of their lives. The process of making these Photomontages is intensely creative and curative. Healing occurs in several stages following a well-established path starting with an intake. During the intake it is discussed the circumstances of the passing away of the loved one, and the moments of joy spent together. The last phase of the process is pure creative labor, in which as an artist, I create one image synthesis that reflects all the chosen images and the discussed details. A dream image is created, an image that mixes reality with fantasy, mixes past and present, image in which the deceased is awarded a second ‘visual life’. This image created through visualization of positive aspects has a great importance for the griever making him active and make it possible the relief of mourning process. It also becomes a posthumous celebration with energizing character for family and friends.

All images are kept confidential, and the therapy is based on trust and professional ethics.

Video Storytelling

Video storytelling is a short video (max.5 minutes) film about a personal event, created after sessions by the client. This form of visualization works on the emotional level as an anchor/reminder and support point, reference frame and source of inspiration for the future.

Producing of this type of work can range from 2 hours to a full day depending on your needs, complexity and budget.

See example:

Uţa – a sketch for a portrait from robust stories on Vimeo.