What is integrative therapy?

The term of integrated (psycho)therapy dates from the 19th century and is based on structured science of psychology. Integrated therapy raises barriers between schools and (psycho) therapy methods (more than 250). In the early 20th century were studied on them and was concluded that they all have resembling elements.

Integrative therapy looks wide on issues concerning humans: environment, physical body, mind and soul influence each other. That’s why in the 21st century is recognized worldwide and is continuously in development in parallel with neuro sciences and quantum physics. The difference between regular therapy (allopathic) and integrative therapy is that allopathic therapy treat effects -physical symptoms, whereas integrative therapy focuses on causes of the disease-most times on the energy level and treats humans as global unity, taking also elements from classical therapy.

What is PhotoTherapy?

It is a system of techniques used by trained mental health professionals, based on photo imagery and counselling. Under the guidance of a therapist, clients discover that their meaningful personal snapshots and family albums are emotionally charged. The latent information may be used to make the therapeutic dialogue aware; the result is usually a direct and less censored connection to the subconscious. During counselling, emotions, memories, come into question and we use personal photos, family albums, or collected images, to evoke those feelings. The term PhotoTherapy was chosen by Judy Weiser the founder of PhotoTherapyCenter in Canada.

There are other concepts and other uses of the term PhotoTherapy?

• Fototherapy is a medical treatment using light on skin.

• Some photographers/artists choose terms like Photo Art Therapy, Therapeutic Photography and Photographic Therapy. These photographic activities are done by the people themselves (or with their helpers) in situations where the skills of a trained therapist or counsellor are not necessary. In this case it is enough to take photos as a group activity, in order for them to feel better. For example, where images are used to enhance their own self-knowledge and awareness to improve in general relationships, triggering positive social change, reducing social exclusion, to help rehabilitation, strengthening communities, deepen intercultural relations etc.

What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

Neuro – Our nervous system processes information passing through our senses.

Linguistic – Pictures, sounds, smell, sense of touch, inside talk, of an experience, accounts communication language understood by brain to give us a meaning.

Programming – Based on our inner experiences we build a personal program of communication to get our goals. Sometimes it may happen that you have acquired patterns in a certain period of your life, are no longer useful at the present moment, but rather lead us to failure. It is good to unlearn old unconscious patterns, putting in place new useful ways of thinking.

NLP dissolves the boundaries between psychology, linguistics, hypnosis and cybernetics. NLP methodology deals with positive thinking and provides more behaviour flexibility in order to bring you to a higher standard.

What is emotion?

The name Emotion has its origin in the word ‘ emovere ‘ and it means in Latin “in motion”. One of the definitions: emotion is a strong psychological pressure that incites us to action. From this point of view, emotion has a positive role. In fact emotion is a form for energy in motion e -motion = energy in moving.

Since ancient times doctors and scientists discovered how energy is widespread in the human body, namely the invisible energy channels. Each of these channels reacts to certain specific emotions. These specific emotions have influence on organs connected to these energy channels. An unprocessed emotion it can be stored latent in our system. (Like a virus on one of the computer programs) as result reduction of vital energy. Stagnation these energies can also change the chemical composition of cells (Deepak Chopra) leading to weakening of body functions and our vitality.

What is Mind and Body Coaching(MBC)?

The principle of Mind and Body Coach look at human as a global unity: mind, body and soul. The integration of mind and body is a method by which energy blockages are found in the body using muscle testing. Then through positive affirmations and acupressure exercises eliminate all blockages step by step. Stagnant energy is released to restore harmony. (Neuro Emotional Integration and MBC is a concept vitality of Dr. Roy Martina)

Spiral as logo for Uzoni Studio

The spiral is an open and growing universal pattern. The spiral symbol it means separation from the vicious cycles we entered and opens us to our infinite potential of evolution and life force energy.