Maria Uzoni


I discovered few years ago how quickly the application of photography and visualization works in the process of healing. The images we take are actually snapshots of our inner deep. People say ‘you see what you are’.During cognitive sessions I encouraged the clients to take pictures or to make a short documentary in order to understand the past or subjective experience, and to integrate the missing link into their life story. The aesthetic quality of the final work is not important, what it is important is the honest involvement of the client. These visual stories turn out to be the visual anchors that will remind the client of their own goals in therapy.

Education and Training

  • 2018
    – Expo international Venezia Italy
    – Expo Tg. Jiu Romania
  • 2017
    – Expo international Venezia Italy
    – Painting prize Noordwijk Holland
  • 2014
    – participant to the PhotoTherapy Symposium Selfportrait.Extended
    Reflections, discussions and questions on human identity- Finland
  • 2011
    – participant to the Europeean Symposium PhotoTherapy – Finland with session ‘TimeLine involving clients photos in changing personal history’.
  • 2008
    – participant to the first International Conference on PhotoTherapy & Therapeutic
    Photography – Finland
    – workshops PhotoTherapy with David Krauss en Joel Walker – Finland
    – several workshops PhotoTherapy with Judy Weiser – Finland
  • 2003
    – study MBC – certified coach Mind & Body Coaching at the International
    Academy for Personal Growth of Roy Martina.
    – study NLP (Neuro – Linguistic Programming) at Andromeda Academy as psychologist certified practitioner approved by The American Board of Hypnotherapy
    – study NLP PLUS to practice integrate techniques of different psychiatrists
    and psychologists as Milton Erickson and Thal James, Byron Katie and Brandon Bays.

Visual arts, photography; Expo archive

  • 2014
    Esposizione internationale “Paesaggi del futuro” – Venice, Italy
  • 2013
    Salon international L&C – Paris, France
    Espositione internationale “Fiabe urbane” – Venice, Italy
  • 2012
    Espositione internationale “Mediteraneo – common ground” – Catania, Italy
    Expo zee – awarded artists from Noordwijk art festival – Holland
    Salon international L&C ”Ports – impressions d’architectes” – Paris, France
  • 2011
    Espositione internationale L&C – Spazio Birolli – Verona, Italy
  • 2010
    Salon international “Ombre et lumiere” – Paris, France
    Nomination for outdoor design ‘Sensory islands’