Artistic workshops

These artistic or creative workshops are designed for:

  • Team building – Employees of companies who want to improve their team spirit and want to strengthen the cohesion.
  • Teams with creative aspirations, free thinking and who want to overcome the banality of routine.
  • Teams that are looking for a relaxed and interactive activity.
  • Groups of friends who want to know each other better in a playful unique way.
  • Groups of 4-8 people will be convinced that learning something new together can be useful, fun and relaxing.

You can suggest your own topic, besides my current themed workshops and we will study how to shape your proposal. Under my guidance you can produce art works using photo collages and intuitive painting. At the end of the workshop you can keep these artworks created together as a team.



Workshops for companies, team building or for personal events – price and theme on request.

Entrepreneurs can write off tax this workshop as ‘creative training’. Also some individual sessions are eligible for insurance coverage.

Workshops for company’s team building and family, friends events – half of full day – price and theme on request.

Full day price is: € 120, – (incl. 21%VAT)/person